Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Glasses and More

See what happens when he sees the camera.
There is a new addition to Kellen's face.

Kellen had been complaining that he was having trouble seeing for awhile now. We went for an eye exam, and they found that he is near sighted. We picked up his glasses today, and according to Kellen, the world looks much better now.

Unfortunately, near sightedness is not the only issue with Kellen's eyes. During the eye exam they found his right eye is not seeing anything on his left to the center. He did not respond to any of the blinking lights in that field of vision with that eye.

Further examination showed that his retina is partially detached. There is what one doctor called a tumor and another doctor called a lesion behind his right eye. That thing, whatever you want to call it, is swollen and leaking fluid of some sort behind the eye which is causing the retina to detach. The detached retina is causing the partial blindness in his right eye. We were referred to a retinal specialist. We saw him the next day.

The specialist did numerous tests, took a lot of pictures, and even took a sonogram. At the end of 3.5 hours of testing, he told us he wasn't really sure what is going on. He did say the lesion looked hollow which in his mind, ruled out a tumor and the worst possible scenarios. He said he thought it might be vascular because there was a vein going into the lesion, but he really had never seen anything like it. He wanted to discuss it with his colleagues. 

A week later and the colleagues have no answers for us either.  Their recommendation was to take it to the next level of specialists. Today we made an appointment with doctors in Philadelphia. Sunday we will drive there, and Monday we will spend 6-8 hours in their offices for more tests, and some answers and a fix, we hope.

I think we are all in a little bit of shock from the news, events, and lack of news. I can not believe we have to go through yet another major medical issue and traumatic event. Finding out we are making a 500 mile drive this weekend has put me in a complete doer/shaper mode of making plans and getting things ready on this end. I think having something to focus on is a good thing. It helps to keep my brain quiet.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


  1. Oh MY! This has to be a difficult process for all involved. I will keep you all lifted in prayer and please keep us updated.

  2. Will be praying for you and your famly!

  3. I'll be prayin' for ya! ;)

  4. will keep you in prayer.

  5. What a sweet kid - reminds me of my thirteen year old son. Prayers offered up. Praying for divine wisdom for the specialists to get to the bottom of this, and perseverance for you and the family.