Thursday, September 01, 2011

How Could I Forget This

I am having a rough week. It has been busy. Tim has been working long hours. We got surprising and not at all good news this week at a routine eye doctor appointment. (Sorry to leave you hanging on that one. I'll post more about it later.) Tonight I was feeling exhausted, and sat down to vent (or whine) here on my blog when I had a sudden thought that made me smile. Sharing thoughts, or in this case pictures,  that make me smile are much better than wallowing in the self pity I've been stuck in all day.

You may remember from Kellen's birthday that I complained that I could never get a decent picture of him. He wants nothing to do with being photographed. Luckily for me, we have a friend with a nice telescopic lens who took it upon herself to capture some pictures for me while we were attending a group picnic. Here is my teenager:


This picnic was over three weeks ago. I can't believe that I never posted these pictures on the blog. I tagged them on Facebook, and forgot about them. (Oh the blessing and the curse of Facebook.)

Kellen did eventually catch on. He asked Racina, "Why do you keep following me around with that camera?" So, glad she got some great shots first!  Thanks so much Racina for getting some great pictures of Kellen, and giving me something to smile about tonight.


  1. Kellen is one very handsome young man. Thanks for putting the pics here as not all of us are on facebook.

    G and G

  2. Finally, a smile!