Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Never Gets Old

There has been plenty that has been difficult around here. There is a lot that has been frustrating, not to mention exhausting. It is often hard not to wallow there.

But there are also things to celebrate and to smile about.

Last Saturday two friends arranged a work party here on the farm. About 30 people (including kids) showed up to work. We beat this current heat wave, and were blessed with a beautiful late summer day for the event. The main task involved cutting logs, and clearing brush from the hillside that was cleared for electric lines last winter. We also dug potatoes, stacked tires, and shoveled manure to mulch the asparagus bed. It is amazing how much work got done that day. I wish I would have taken some pictures.

The summer garden has been a little disappointing, but we are now starting on the fall garden. There is something magical about seeing seeds sprout. The broccoli and cabbage are started inside.

New chicks arrived today. No matter how many times we buy or hatch chicks it is always exciting. Today we got 100 Cornish Rocks, and 50 hatchery choice which ended up being Golden Comets.

Enjoying simple pleasures like these never gets old.


  1. Looks grand! I have been too lax to get anything started for a fall garden. My garden did not do well with the current ongoing heat wave and at one point all the rain barrels went dry :( The okra, jalepenos and the tomatoes are holding on by gods grace. The chicks are too cute I alway enjoy seeing pics of the animals. Keep on keeping on. You and yours are in my thoughts

  2. I'm glad to see the garden having some success :)! Beautiful new chicks by the way.