Sunday, August 01, 2010

Nolan makes me smile.

Nolan always manages to do something that makes me smile. He also often does things that infuriate me, but today I'll share a sweet and a funny thing he said recently.

Sweet Nolan
We were in the car, on the way to Nolan's favorite store, Global Liquidators, when Nolan starts asking me about Papaw's accident. Nolan wants to know about the accident, and why Papaw looked different at the funeral home. The questions weren't exactly comfortable to answer, but I know Nolan is trying to understand something none of us really do. I tried to answer his questions with just enough information to satisfy him without giving him too much.

There was a pause in the conversation, and I was just about to turn the radio back on when Nolan says, "I'm happy that Papaw died, and I'm not happy that Papaw died." The statement took me by surprise. I paused for a moment and asked, "Why are you happy that Papaw died?" Nolan's answer, "Because now he gets to be with God." And the logical next question from me, "Why are you not happy that Papaw died?" Nolan's whole face dropped, and he told me, "Because I miss him."

Funny Nolan
A puppy showed up at the neighbors barn last week. He is adorable, and looks to be some sort of Sheppard. The neighbors think we should take him, but we have plenty of dogs here now as it is. The kids love to go play with the dog while we are doing chores, or I am working in the garden.

Thursday, Nolan and Vivian walked up there to give something to the neighbor. They weren't home, but the puppy was. Somehow, the puppy followed them back here. I asked the kids if they called the dog to follow them. Vivian told me it was an accident. She didn't call him on purpose. Uh huh.....

I told them they could play with the puppy some back here, and then we would take him back to the neighbor's. A little while later Nolan comes storming in the house to tell me that the puppy is chasing chickens. Of course my first thought is that this dog is going to catch and kill chickens so I start ask Nolan where the dog is now, and telling him he has to get the dog away from the chickens. Nolan interrupts my questions and lecture with a stern look on his face, and says, "Don't worry mom. I told the puppy he better leave those chickens alone because my dad has a .22."

And would you believe that puppy was no longer chasing chickens, but was actually sitting quietly at the front window?

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