Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Our Horse Girl

Lydia has taken quite an interest in the horses over past couple of months. She loves to feed them, and brush them, and is learning to ride.

Papaw says she is a natural with the horses. She is calm and gentle, but also firm when she needs to be. They trust her, and let her brush them. Even Daisy, the donkey, who has not been trained, lets Lydia sit on her back. Lydia will sit on Diamond while someone else leads her. Lydia has spent a lot of time with them, and she loves every minute of it. Well, at least she did.

Last Friday Lydia also learned that riding and working with horses can be dangerous. She and Mamaw were brushing and feeding the horses. Lydia sat bareback on Diamond. They weren't even moving, but as Lydia was trying to adjust herself, she lost her balance and slid right off Diamond. She landed on her arm....This is what she got from that adventure.

She isn't quite ready to get back up on the horses, but she still loves working with them. For now, she will be feeding and brushing them, but I have a feeling that it won't be long until she is back up on the horses again.


  1. When Grace was that age she was crazy for horses and volunteered at a nearby stable just to be near them (and in hopes I'd feel generous and pop for riding lessons). Now that Lillian is getting to the same age I'm seeing the same "horse crazy" signs all over again.

  2. Poor Lydia. Isn't it crazy how a simple "little" fall like that could cause so much damage? I hope she recovers quickly.

  3. I alway wanted to ride a horse but never go the courage to do it. How was it? Do they obey your commands well?

  4. See what happens when you let kids play in horse troughs to cool off in the summer. :)

    Off topic: By the way, I'm going to try making my own laundry soap thanks to you....or was it Heather. Being frugal seems to be the new cool.

  5. wow i think she will grow up to love horses forever!