Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because We Needed Something Else to Do

What a week or two.....

The last couple of weeks have been too busy around here. We've been butchering chickens, going to picnics and concerts, and tending to the farm. On top of all that our donkey, Daisy, disappeared. We spent the better part of the day yesterday searching for her to no avail. Tim finally found her, unharmed, this morning.

And because all of that just must not be enough to keep us busy, (rolls eyes,) last night we bought dairy goats. A friend offered us a deal I just could not pass on. I have continued milking Maggie because that darm lamb just won't nurse much on that side, and now will be adding two goats to the milking schedule. You people were supposed to talk me out of this madness! (wink) Instead I have jumped in up to my neck.

But aren't they cute contently munching away in the pasture. I milked a little this morning. There wasn't much because I didn't separate the kids last night, but the girls were fairly co-operative. Looking forward to the milk, yogurt, and cheese!


  1. Aww..cute little goats. I'm glad your donkey is home safe and sound.

  2. Glad you see more goat people!

  3. I can't wait to see what kind of yummy goodness you make with all that milk! ;D

  4. I want goats too! I am sooo jealous!

    Was the donkey on spring frolic??

  5. I look forward to your goat milk posts! I bet the cheese tastes really good.

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