Monday, May 10, 2010

Frost? Are you kidding me?

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Don't you hate when you go against your better judgment and then regret it later?

I started many of my plants from seeds this year, including tomatoes. They grew beautifully, up until a couple of weeks ago. They really needed transplanted, but it didn't get done. There were a lot of reasons including time, and a lack of larger containers to put them in.

I knew it was a little early, but went against my better judgment and planted them anyway last week. The weather had been so warm. We even had some days in the 80s and 90s. Then it frosted last night. Yes, I said frost after we've had days in the 90s. UGH!

I was scared to go look at them this morning. They did survive, but they certainly aren't thriving. I should have just bought the pots and transplanted. I knew better.

Gardening is a challenge. One that I enjoy though. Seems every year there is some twist with the weather,  the plants, or the bugs that has me puzzled and trying to figure out how to make the garden thrive, despite the challenges.

Right now the challenge is a late frost. Soon, the battle will be with the bugs. The potato and squash bugs challenge me every year. In trying to keep the garden organic, much of the bug battle involves picking the little buggers off the plants. I can never keep up with the squash bugs that way though. This year I have a new weapon; EndALL insect spray

EndALL sent me a sample of their insect spray to test out and tell you about. This is an organic insect killer that kills eggs, larvae, and adult insects. I prefer not use insect killers, organic or not, because they kill all the bugs, not just the bad ones that make us crazy. (Yes, there are good bugs that you want in the garden.) But some bugs, like the squash bugs just take over, and an insect killer is necessary. And if I have to use an insect killer I want it to be an organic one. The key ingredients in this spray are Organic Pyrethrin, soap,  and Neem oil. 

I tested it out on a houseplant that had some gnats. The spray is easy to use. In the cool of the day, spray it on the plant where the insects are eating or resting. Then say bye bye to the bugs. When using on vegetables, the product is safe to use up to the day of harvest.

The garden challenges (and joys) have only just begun. Hopefully my tomatoes will survive this late cool weather. Who knows what else this garden season will bring? But I do know when I see those copper colored eggs on the underside of my squash plants this season those eggs will be getting a shot of EndALL.

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  1. The weather has been weird this year, it got down in the lower 40's the other night and I have been using the heater. I never use the heater in May! The last few years seems like we only have two seasons here in KS, Hot and Cold..I don't know what happened to the nice weather days of spring and fall. Good luck with your garden!

  2. Hi good luck with your tomatoes! I am elina from greece and I'm also going to grow tomatoes in my Athens balcony this year! Fingers croeesed!
    Anyway, about your home schooling thing, I just translated a lesson in greek, which is also available in English. It's by an author called Neal Donald Walsh and you might be interested...
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    Love and Light from sunny, hot Greece!

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  4. We buy that Saferbrand and it works great. Pyrethrin kills fleas and ticks on our lawn...I get the pure concentrated version at Ace hardware. In fact we need to treat the lawn again - lots of ticks this year!