Saturday, May 15, 2010

Around the Farm

Things are busy here in the 100 Acre Woods. We've been butchering chickens, getting the garden going, baling hay, and working on lots of other projects.

 We butchered a bunch of poultry including our extra roosters and drakes, older hens, and so far 40 Cornish Cross Rocks.

The peas are blooming. Can't wait to have some of those fresh goodies!

The potatoes, in tires and conventionally planted, are looking good.

Tried something new this year. We've never had much luck with growing carrots. Since we have heavy clay, I tried a chunky carrot variety last year. I wasn't thrilled with them. This year I mixed sand with the soil in a raised bed. We'll see how the carrots grow there.

What is this? Not sure, but I'm guessing acorn squash even though no squash has been planted in this garden for several years. We are letting it grow.

Mmmm.... and the best yet, the strawberries are starting to get ripe. Too bad the kids and I are eating them all as fast as they are ready. Maybe we'll have enough to freeze and make jam in a week or so.

We have a duck hen sitting now, and I can't wait to see the little ducklings out there! In a different nest of duck eggs I saw a black snake. Normally I'd just let a black snake go about its business, but not when it is eating eggs. Especially not when I have a hen sitting. I got it out of the nest, and Kellen whacked it. Can you tell what Kellen found when he whacked it? Bye Bye Black snake.

It is a busy time here on the farm. Lots of exciting projects and delicious things growing. Lovin' it.


  1. You had me until you said SNAKE! This is why I'll always be a city girl...can't handle the matter what color they are! ;D

    Hard to believe your cornish hens are ready to be butchered already!!!

  2. Nice activities u have there...but SNAKE N A BIG ONE! n u r soo cool abt it..

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  4. that snake an chiken is grosss and sic not commin back here elk