Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nolan's 5th Birthday

Yesterday was Nolan's fifth birthday. He ended up sleeping in our bed awhile the night before his birthday. When he woke up in the morning he stretched and said to me, "Today is my birthday. I am five. I think I've grown some."

Kellen could not wait to give him the present he made. Kellen made Nolan a Link shield and sword with items he found around here. The shield is the top of a five gallon bucket, and the sword is a broken walking stick and scrap wood. I think he did an excellent job, and Nolan was thrilled with the present. 

Our homeschool co-op picnic also was yesterday. Since all of Nolan's friends were there, we took a cake and celebrated at the picnic. We even sang happy birthday to him there! 

When we got home we ate cake with Mamaw and Papaw and opened more presents. He was thrilled with a new Wii game that Grandma and Grandpa sent. Of all things he was very excited about the new boxer shorts Mamaw and Papaw gave him. In fact, after all the presents were open, he exclaimed, "I'm going to go change my underwear," and ran off to put his boxers on. Of course, there is a little more to that story. 

Nolan does not like to wear underwear. For months now he would try to get away with out putting underwear on. He told me his underwear were too tight. They were a bit snug so we got some the next size. Still he didn't want to wear underwear. Apparently boxers were what he needed. Now, he is excited to wear underwear. Go figure.

And after that we went to church for our Financial Peace class, and Nolan got to play with his friends some more. Poor kid was already tired. He fell asleep on the way there, but he had fun, and we all slept very soundly last night. 


  1. Happy birthday Nolan! Glad the underwear issue was resolved(giggle).

  2. Happy Birthday Nolan, Love Aunt Teri Hope it was as special as you are.

  3. Happy Birthday Nolan!!!