Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Life lately has seemed like one never ending "to do" list. I feel like I'm just treading water trying to keep everything afloat. The busyness combined with the never ending list of tasks to accomplish shuts me down. It seems I can't concentrate long enough to get anything finished. 

As I sit here right now, typing this post, there are two other unfinished posts sitting in my drafts. There is a pile of folded laundry on the table with a basket half full of unfolded laundry next to it. The dishes from lunch are half done. The half that fit in the dishwasher got cleaned. 

If I were to get a grade card right now, the teacher would have to list me as incomplete in all subjects. 

Homeschool - Incomplete
school? Plenty of incomplete text books in the cupboard. Lots of life lessons and unschooling going on around here. 

The Garden - Incomplete
We planted some more this morning. Still have a few tomatoes, peppers, okra, and herbs to plant.

Financial Peace - Incomplete
We've really enjoyed and learned  from the work book and small groups with this class, but we are woefully behind in things like creating the monthly budgets and setting up the cash envelopes. 

Paperwork - Incomplete
A few days ago I began to organize my desk, sorting things into piles that needed to be dealt with. Never got them dealt with or put away, and now they are covered with several more days mail, and various items that get piled on my desk. 

Homemaking  - Incomplete (teetering on the edge of Fail)
Where do I start with all I'm behind in this subject? 

It is all very overwhelming and frustrating especially to a doer personality like mine that likes to check things off the list and complete tasks. No matter what task I begin on, I get distracted or pulled away and nothing is ever quite complete. 

But then I realize that what I need to do most in times like these is to stop. To breathe. To look at the big picture. 

Then and only then do I see that all these tasks and my frustrations at not completing them are temporary. They are not lasting. They are not what matters. In the only "grade card" that matters, I am COMPLETE, in the life of Christ.  

When I take the time to stop. To breathe. To look at the big picture.  I get a small glimpse of that contentment and peace that is ours regardless of our circumstances. And resting in that peace I can now get back up and work on some of those tasks that I need to complete. 


  1. you think you are on the verge of Fail if the dishes didn't get done last night? I can still walk though the house. It is not that bad. trust me. Why are you grading yourself on things that do not require a grade? Things aren't as bad as she writes people. She is rockin it..

  2. Thanks for the reminder that we are complete in Christ!

  3. Yes, I feel overwhelmed lately. I can never seem to figure out why life doesn't slow down some. It just seems that things get busier and busier.

    I try to focus on the fact that this is only a season in my life and to take a deep breath and live one day at a time.

    Hang in there. Living in the country there is probably more work than if you lived in the city. But it is worth it.

    Thanks for stopping by Treasuring the Moments.