Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 Doctors, 2 Staples and 5 Hours Later

Last night we were up at the neighbor's farm. Tim was helping bale hay. Kellen was helping too. I was working in the garden, and the rest of the kids were supposed to be swinging on the tire swing. They were not. 

Instead, they were playing on the neighbor's porch. She has her porch decorated with lots of interesting antique and flea market type items. One of them is a very large triangle dinner bell. It hangs from the porch ceiling. 

Apparently, Nolan thought the dinner bell looked like a piece of gymnastics equipment. He decided he would hang from it, up side down. Needless to say, the hook in the ceiling was meant to only hold the dinner bell, not the dinner bell and an almost 50 pound boy hanging from it. 

The dinner bell and the boy came crashing down leaving the dinner bell unharmed, but the boy with a large knot on one side of his head, and a couple inch gaping laceration on the other side. Luckily Tim was close enough to see and hear the event, and attend to Nolan right away. The cut was such that we decided we better let a doctor look at it. Tim, Nolan and I headed to the immediate care that is closest to us. The other three kids stayed with Mamaw and Papaw. 

We didn't have wait long to see the doctor at the immediate care. She thought that the cut did need a little something to help it heal properly. Just as Tim and I were congratulating ourselves for taking him to the doctor and our wise choice of choosing immediate care over the ER, she informs us that we will have to go to the ER. Huh?

She thought that the cut need to be closed, but didn't think glue would work well on Nolan's particular cut. She thought he needed stitches or staples. She doesn't do stitches, and the office did not have the tools needed for staples. We would have to go to the ER. Grr.....

At the ER they took us into triage right away and then seated us in their immediate care waiting room, where we waited and waited. Then they took us to an exam room where we waited and waited. In fact we waited so long that Nolan had fallen asleep by the time the doctor came to exam him. He stayed asleep during the exam, but was rudely awakened when receiving two staples in his head. 

He cried and howled and howled and cried while we again waited. Finally the nurse came in with the instructions and paperwork we needed before leaving. It was almost 11:00. Thankfully Nolan quickly fell back asleep once we were in the car. 

This morning he is feeling fine. When his siblings came home from Mamaw and Papaw's he proudly exclaimed, "I have two staples in my head." I'm sure he won't be feeling so happy about it when they to be removed next week. . . 


  1. That little monkey, Nolan, he is going to be the one who you are in the ER alot with, because he has so much energy and curiosity, God love Him! I can remember a daddy who used to be alot like that. I really liked Tim's comment to you on the last blog about you rockin. You are on the right page Stephanie, as long as you are right with God, the rest will fall into place. God has always watched out for us, and will continue to do so. There will be enough time to get everything organized once the kids are grown, oh yeah, then comes all the grandchildren they're going to give you. I'm glad that you have God, and a wonderful husband for support, and those beautiful kids to keep it interesting!!

  2. nak

    congrats on keeping your cool. sorry about poor nolan. i wish he'd learn a lesson from this experience and not do something crazy like that again, but if he's anything like my J, that won't be the case...

  3. oh my, ow! Glad he is ok.

  4. poor Nolan!glad he's okay now. We've had some experience with those long hours in Nowcare, followed by long hours in the Er, followed by long hours in the dr office... it just makes a bad situation even worse.

  5. Oh, poor boy-and mom and dad. Glad he's fine. This sounds exactly like something my son would do. Holly

  6. where's your picture? that should be cool.

  7. I knew when I first started reading this blog that it was going to be about our darling Nolan. He has the sweetest little voice when you talk to him on the phone, I can't wait to hug him (and the rest)So glad he is ok and it wasn't more serious.
    Love, G and G

  8. Oh no! Glad it wasn't more serious. :)

  9. Oh man! Poor YOU! I knew when we bought this place in the country - it would be stuff like that we have to look forward too. lol.

    So glad he's all better!

  10. What is it about the word emergency that these hospitals do not understand? All of them keep people waiting when clearly they should be attended to immediately. That's why they're in the ER for crying out loud. Ok, rant over.
    Glad he's OK and everyone survived the ordeal!