Friday, May 01, 2009


Life has been a little crazy around here. Can you tell from the lack of posting? 

School is winding down, well truth be told, it has come to a screeching halt. With me going to work, and the outside work that needs done at this time of year, book work has become practically non existent. Really that doesn't bother me. We are doing lots of educational things. They just aren't in the text books. 

We participated in a Cultures Fair this week. Our country was the Czech Republic. We put together a small presentation and cooked some Czech food. We had a lot of fun with the project and learned a few things too. 

The garden is beginning to look very green. We've been working a lot in our garden. This is the first year that I am really making the kids help in the garden. They have helped before here and there, but this year it isn't an option. There is too much to be done, and they need to help. 

I've been using a little trick that I read over at Owlhaven sometime back. I'm giving the kids specific, quantative amounts of tasks they have to complete in the garden. Instead of saying, "Help me weed the peas." (Well the ones the ducks haven't eaten, but that is another story.) I tell the kids, "Weed two rows of peas." Or for Nolan I say, "Pull two buckets of weeds." The "buckets" were small containers potato salad comes in. They have also helped put onions in the trench, shovel mulch, and put seeds in holes. They aren't exactly enthusiastic, but they really are doing an excellent job of helping.

The last few days the forest has suddenly become very green. We had some hot days followed by some cool rainy days. Apparently that was exactly what the trees and fauna needed. They have come alive, and it is beautiful. 

I've been working quite a bit to try to earn some green, and get things back on track. It has been a huge help. It has not been without it's down side though. We are all tired. It has been an adjustment for everyone, and it hits the kids the hardest. It really hits me when I'm leaving for work and Lydia says to me, "See you tomorrow mom." Tomorrow? 

I have been working five days. Things are caught up and back on track. It isn't time to quit, but perhaps to cut back. I'm thinking three days will help keep the finances where they need to be, and keep the family and homestead work where it needs to be too. 

Tough choices we moms have....



  1. Being a mom is such a constant juggling act. There's just never enough of us to go around and yet... we really are miracle workers somehow getting it all done.


  2. It's always tough to find that balance. It's good for the kids to see Mom work outside the home and have time separate from them, but it is so nice to be home, too. :o)

  3. So far my kids like helping, but they do give out early. Then again, we aren't planting anything but herbs and flowers.
    What kind of work are you doing? Because I need to find something as well.