Saturday, January 10, 2009

How odd...

I'm surrounded by a millions things I should be doing. A certain little girl will be having a sleepover party on Tuesday to selebrate her seventh birthday. Our guests might appreciate it if the table weren't covered with laundry, and my extremely droopy Christmas tree was put out of its misery. Yet I sit here. Now, that is not all that odd. I often am lured in to the blogs when I should be doing other things. 

My hips hurt. . . from playing a video game. We played Wii Fit last night over at a friend's house. What a blast. It didn't even seem like excercise, but it sure feels like it this morning! I rocked hula hoop, which is odd since I can barely get one going in the real world. 

The weather is crappy and wet. Not all that odd. This winter has been very wet, but what is odd is that there is thunder and lightning. Some of it very close and very loud. One rumble seemed to shake the whole house. Odd for January isn't it?

I need to get to work. Have a good Saturday. 


  1. I hear you Stephanie! It's hard to get it back together after the holidays and the winter weather is depressing now instead of exciting and fun! All I want is spring to come again!

    Hang in there!

  2. A couple things here,
    1. It could be snow, not rain,( see NE Ohio)
    2. You crushed me in Super hula hoop, I hope your hips feel better.
    3. What's today's date? Don't we make fun of people who haven't taken their Christmas tree down yet?
    4. You beat me in super hula hoops.

  3. Tree is down and outside. Decorations in the boxes waiting for Tim to put in the shed. :)

    Now to finish laundry and clean the house!

    (Sorry I obviously forgot to do a spell check before posting this!)

  4. I am supposedly in the middle of (finally!) taking my Christmas tree down. But seeing how I'm commenting on your blog instead, I think you can figure out how well it's going!

  5. I'm right there with ya...I have 101 things to do and I sit here reading blogs. :)

  6. Today is Sunday...and I too am guilty of sitting here reading blogs...and I'm secretly loving it.. usually everyone is HERE and hubby and I declared it a ** NO EXTRA KID DAY** and it's been NICE!!!
    Cute Blog!!