Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't you know that answer?

We started back into the normal routine this week. I feel kind of thrown back into it. My tree is still up, and places still need to be found for Christmas gifts. But the world isn't stopping for me to catch up. Lydia's seventh birthday is right around the corner, and she is planning a sleep over. Band started again yesterday, and today was the first day of co-op.

Co-op was a lot of fun. The kids are always excited to get back to that and see all their friends, and meet the new homeschoolers that join us. After all the classes we eat lunch and the kids play. Vivian (2) was being her normal social butterfly and going around the gym to visit. I have my suspicions that she actually is less concerned about the social interaction than she is the snagging of better food than the food I packed. Doesn't seem to matter what I pack, she goes on her wanderings, smiles pretty and ends up with Teddy Grahams or other such treat not found in our lunch box. But I digress....

Today on her rounds she stopped for a bit with one group that often sits together. They must bring really good food, because I've noticed she always spends quite a bit of time there. Later one of the mom's, who has a son close to Vivian's age, related the conversation she had with Vivian.

The mom: Vivian, how old are you?

Vivian: Two.

The mom: Oh I thought you were three already.

Vivian: No, I two.

The mom: When will you be three?

At this point Vivian looks at her a bit strange, and says, " On my birthday." Then she walks away. I guess she thought that the mom should have known that answer already.


  1. LOL, that sounds like Vivian.

  2. I'm back! I have read all the posts I missed, but I'm not going to try to comment on each one. Vivian is amazing. (I loved her ploy with the grocery cart, too.)
    The story of your honeymoon cabin was wonderful.

    We didn't try to attend a Christmas Eve service. As it was I was still up until 3 am STILL SEWING for the Queen's presents from Santa. We did go last year, and had much the same experience as you did. But it's all good.

    Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. (Our decorations are still up too, although we took the tree out Monday after DeBoy knocked it over.)

  3. LOL-mt 4 yr old (Susanna) said the same thing when she was 3 about when she'd turn 4.
    It makes perfect sense to me! Holly

  4. Kids are just the best of life! Just the best!


  5. haha! I can just picture Viv doing that! So stinkin cute!

  6. Ah, the logic of a two year old! Makes perfect sense to them. And you just got to love the LOOK you get when you ask them a "stupid" question like that.