Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And the party. . .

Lydia's party was yesterday. We kept the party smaller this year. She invited four friends. One couldn't come, and there were still 21 people here! How does that work? There is your trick question for the day.

The party was very laid back. We did have a craft activity planned, but the girls just wanted to play. I was fine with that. They ate snacks, played, made ice cream sundaes, played, and played some more. Somehow I only managed to take pictures when she opened gifts. Gift opening is always memorable, but when your siblings are Nolan and Vivian it is extra special. 

Lydia was taking her time to open presents. She carefully read every card and was enjoying reading what her friends had written to her. Vivian grew impatient, and said to Lydia, "No read cards! Me no like cards!"

A few minutes later Nolan pipes up out of the blue, "I farted a lot of times."

Ah, the joys of younger siblings.

One of Lydia's friends spent the night. They ate pizza, played twister and dolls, and fell asleep watching a movie. We made blueberry pancakes this morning. Now we are all lounging around like it is a Saturday. I think we will should all take naps. Think I can talk the kids into it?


  1. Happy 7th Lydia! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Happy # 7!!! Hope your nap worked out!

  3. Once we had 8 kids show up and I completely freaked out, so I can't even imagine what it would be like to have 21 people show up. I'm on overload if there is two people besides me in the room. :)

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    We just had a sixth birthday party/sleepover and I was surprised at how much fun I actually had.

    Though was a bit wiped out at the end as I expect you are.

    I think birthdays are such a wonderful thing to celebrate!

  5. I'm glad she had a good party..haha about the sibling comments.

  6. It sounds like the perfect party. Nolan's comment sounds similar to something my Kaleb would say. Are all boys so proud of such things? lol I'm thinking yes. :D

  7. I love the look that Lydia is giving in this "Back off, I'm going to take MY time with MY presents." lol. And for my siblings...I can relate with the both of them!

  8. I'm glad that Lydia enjoyed her special day. I guess it's easy to rack up that many people when you count up siblings. My kids and I made 5 of the 21 there.