Monday, August 04, 2008

New Pigs

Miles' pig, Charcoal, had piglets Saturday evening, eight of them to be exact. Tim and I were there when the last two came. Charcoal is a good mom, and fairly tolerant of us being around. Sows can be pretty mean when they have piglets. Charcoal has a gentle nature. I doubt it will be the same story when Flame, Ashley's sow, has her piglets. She is mean now. I bet she'll be a beast when her piglets come in about a week! Now the question is what are Miles and Ashely going to do with all these pigs?!


  1. What a silly question! They're going to EAT them. Yum. :)
    Cute little piglets, though. It's hard to picture them on my plate. :D

  2. I hope Jake and I get a few pork chops out of the bunch. That is a lot of pigs. LOL.

  3. That is one cute piglet. You really need to stop showing those pictures if you're going to serve them for dinner though. You should name the runt Wilbur.