Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

Having not posted for a week, you might think that we've been terribly busy around here. Tim has been busy with work, working late every night this week except Friday, and he will be working Saturday too. For the rest of us though, it has been comparatively quiet here at home.

Last Saturday mom and I canned apples all day. Something like 30 quarts of sauce and 20 quarts of sliced apples. I am ready to do some more, but don't have any picked. It has been raining the last two days, and I can't see dragging the kids out in the mud to pick apples in the rain. Maybe tomorrow.

The rain was much needed. The rest of the month was very dry. My fall garden, peas, beets, and beans need the water. The tank we use to catch rain water and water the animals was almost empty after staying full almost all the rest of the summer. Yes, the rain is good.

As for the animals nothing too exciting. Two hens are sitting on nests. The baby pigs are doing well. You can see charcoal and her piglets were making good use of the mud hole made in the pasture. Flame's piglets are doing well too. The little red one in the photo is the one we stitched up.

For the most part school is doing well too. The biggest problem I have is I can't get library books. It is a long story that is going to end in us paying for a book I'm pretty sure we returned. Frustrating? Yes, but I need books!

Lydia is having a bit of a mental block with math. She just shuts down. There were tears this morning. The frustrating thing to me is that she knows how to do it! When I sit by her she whips right through. When I am not there she whines and cries that she can't do it. I guess I'm going to have to hand hold her until she gains the confidence to do it alone. She is reading like a pro though. I can't believe how she has just taken off with reading.

Kellen is flying through his materials, like always. He really is into his trombone right now. He is learning to play the Mario theme by ear. He posted a video of it.

Nolan also wanted to do school this year. We are reading books, and playing games mostly. I printed out a freebie workbook for him, but I need some library books to supplement. Well you know why that isn't happening.

So, that is what we've been up to.


  1. Hey, That happened to us too with the library books - we 'lost' a book called 'Tropical Fish' that was in a stack of books - all returned. So we bought a new book and as they were shelving it they found the first book that we had returned - it had been reshelved without the card. They called and apologized and said that we could have the book we bought - it was all very nice and polite - but I think if they ever say we didn't return a book again - we'll be checking the shelves to see if it's already there...

  2. Sorry - I hit enter too soon - I meant to say Good Luck with yours.



  3. I was just getting ready to post the same thing! This has happened to us at least a half dozen times. Go to the library and search for the book yourself. Don't stop at once, keep checking back because it doesn't matter if someone else checks it out, it'll still look like you didn't turn it in. I no longer put my books in the drop slot,, just sayin'!

  4. It has happened to us before too, but has been awhile. That time I wasn't so sure the kids hadn't lost it. The problem this time is the book is from Mingo county. I can check in Milton, but can't hardly drive to Mingo county!

  5. My boys would love to be your neighbors! Love the pictures and the story to go with. So fun to find your site and look forward to keeping in contact.

  6. I meant to say, we have told the library to go check and they have found them. It might even take a week or two, but they turn up.



    What is pink? A rose is pink

    By the fountain's brink.


    What is red? A poppy's red

    In its barley bed.


    What is blue? The sky is blue

    Where the clouds float thro'.


    What is white? A swan is white

    Sailing in the light.


    What is yellow? Pears are yellow,

    Rich and ripe and mellow.


    What is green? The grass is green,

    With small flowers between.


    What is violet? Clouds are violet

    In the summer twilight.


    What is orange? Why, an orange,

    Just an orange!

    ---------- by maple story account

  8. That's a lot of apples! Wonderful!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog--it led me to your great blog! It is fascinating.

  9. Hi, again. Come on over to Little House in the Suburbs if you get a moment--we want to present you with the Brillante Weblog Award. Love your site!