Thursday, August 07, 2008

Finally, A Break in the Schedule

The kids returned from a long weekend and a trip to Cedar Point with Grandma and Grandpa on Tuesday. I'm done canning beans. I'm done freezing corn. Little Lambs is this weekend, but I've dropped off my clothes. We are done picking blackberries for those who ordered them. The tomatoes that are ripe are processed. The apples aren't ripe yet. I just want to pick some more blackberries for myself before they are all gone. Other than that, all the pressing work is complete.

And. . .

A friend emailed me the other day about an awesome field trip she is arranging for homeschoolers next week at the Huntington Art Museum. The topic is the Civil War and the kids are going to make pinhole cameras. I thought it would really be something the kids would go for, but was afraid that we wouldn't be able to make it. I turned to my planner for the week, and IT WAS BLANK! A whole week with no appointments or scheduled activities?! Well, it was until I wrote in the field trip to the art museum.

A lull in the schedule is just what I needed. I spent today piddling at various projects. Don't worry it isn't like I don't have anything to do. No chance of being bored around here, but it is nice to not have schedules, commitments, and over ripening vegetables breathing down my neck.

Ahhh......I will enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. WOW! What's that like? I'm envious! I won't see a week like that until at least the end of October. Football has started. Nuff said. :o)

  2. You may have misunderstood. The kids won't be making pinhole cameras. My kids and I made one and it is not a project for the faint of heart let me tell ya! It was quite a bit harder than I expected. BUT. I will bring the one I made loaded with film and hopefully we'll get a few pictures while we're there or at lunch. I think the tour is going to be WAY cool but that's me because I'm a bit of a history nut. I hope the kids enjoy it too!

  3. Wow, you sure have been busy! Enjoy your much deserved break!

  4. Crystal,

    Oops I guess I did misread. Oh well I'm still looking forward to it. I've been wanting to get to the art museum with them for some time now.

  5. You know, I wouldn't mind showing some of the kids how to do it but having a bunch of kids make all the mistakes with the film that *I* did would get really expensive! LOL