Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad's, aka Papaw, birthday. Happy Birthday!

Last week at the fair was crazy, but good. Kellen's rabbits placed about the middle of their class. He was slightly disappointed, but we were happy. The kids had a grand time being at the fair everyday. We walked the animal barns everyday. We watched the demolition derbies, mud bog, fireworks, and motor cross. Kellen showed his rabbits twice, and then sold them twice on Friday. Lydia participated in the open class for rabbits. They were both nervous, but did well. Kellen also took part in a watermelon eating contest.

Monday Kellen participated in the annual Battle of the Books. His team took third. They had all the questions right until the tie breaker round. His team has won the previous two years, so third was a slight disappointment, but Kellen handled it well.

Today Kellen is having Ryan over to spend the night for a late birthday celebration. It is actually Ryan's birthday tomorrow. Have I ever mentioned how crazy the end of July is for birthdays? For some reason the majority of the birthdays in this family are clumped around May and July. Kellen's was the 21st, Torrey ( a cousin) the 22nd, Avery's (Jake's youngest) the 27th, Jeff's (Tim's dad) the 28th, Jake's the 29th, my dad's today, and Gage's (Tim's brother's son) the 1st. It really is crazy!


  1. We see that Lydia was not the only one who got a hair cut.So how did Kellen do in the watermelon eating contest? Congrats on all of your accomplishments this summer kids!I know first place always seems the best but it is good to learn now that you will not always win or be first. All our love G and G Happy Birthday Paul

  2. Most of our birthdays are Nov. through Jan. Mine is off in June :). Jeff and my anniversary is also in Dec. Put that with Christmas and all of the other holidays, and it is a very busy time.
    It looks like the fair was GREAT fun!!

  3. What is Battle of the Books?

    Showing animals at the fair sounds like a fun thing to do. Something the kids will definitely remember when they grow up. And something they will most likely want to see THEIR kids do.

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  5. Gail,
    They only recognized the first place, but I think K was second or third.

    Battle of the Books is a library program Battle of the Books

  6. That all looks like such fun. I'm curious about how you sell rabbits twice, but since I know nothing about showing animals at the fair I'm sure it makes sense.
    We have clumpy birthdays like that too. Most of ours are in April and December.