Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One Fierce Momma

Our momma hen, Henrietta, has become downright feisty. She wasn't this way the first time she hatched chicks. She lets nothing anywhere near her chicks, even if what is near is no threat to them or isn't even paying attention to them.

I guess I should be glad she is so protective, but the problem is her favorite daytime hang out is right at the bottom of our side steps. This is where we need to go to get feed for the animals. This is where we walk to go to the van. This is the door I use to go to the clothes line. I'm fine with leaving her alone to mother her babies, but she is making it downright difficult for us to stay out of her way.

She has come after me a couple times, but after a good kick she leaves me alone now. She won't let the dog within five feet of her. I've seen her cross about that space to come after him, and he was just standing by me. He usually just walks away from her. Today he walked by her and she nailed him in the ribs with both claws. He let out a yelp and then growled at her. I hope that is enough to make her back off. Pac is good with the animals, but he is a dog after all.

The one that she has completely intimidated is Nolan. I have never seen Nolan chase after the chicks or try to catch them, though it wouldn't surprise me if he had, but she has come after him several times. She hasn't really hurt him, but man he is scared of that little chicken. If he even sees her he freezes and refuses to walk that direction. Before he goes outside he stops at the door and asks, "Is Henrietta out there?" Poor Nolan he may be tough in a lot of ways, but he is no match for a fierce momma hen.


  1. Awwh, she's a good mama hen! A bit on the evil side,, but aren't we all when it comes to our chicks?
    I can't wait to see what my wittle chickies look like all grown up!

  2. Poor Nolan. I wouldn't want to go out there either! Hopefully she'll soon see that no one is after her babies.

  3. Having been on the receiving end of a protective beak, I'll side with Nolan on this one.

  4. Nothing like being flogged by a momma hen-I'd be scared too.

  5. I *SO* had to laugh at the "well placed kick" comment! Rolling around for real.