Monday, June 16, 2008

Forget the Outer Banks

We have vacationed in North Carolina several times. Each time our trip has taken us to the beaches of the Outer Banks. Don't get me wrong, I love the Outer Banks, but I have a new love in North Carolina; the mountains.

We stayed in Asheville, but ventured down to Brevard a couple of days. Much of the area is National Forests, and there are dozens of waterfalls there. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. After all, a waterfall can be anything from the trickle in the creek on our property to Niagara Falls right?

We only made it to two falls, but they were breathtaking. Not only were they beautiful, but they were fun too. The first one really wasn't safe to swim at, but the second one had a nice pool and gentle current at the bottom. We played there for quite some time.

We also went to a place they call Sliding Rock. It is called that because you literally can slide down the rock like a water slide. The water was cold, but the older kids especially had a fantastic time.

We also spent a lot of time at the lake where we camped. Papaw, Mamaw, Ashley, Miles, Kellen and Lydia spent a day at Biltmore while Tim and I took the little kids into Asheville. We road bikes and had campfires. It was a wonderful time.

We traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway. The views from there are spectacular and there are many places to stop along the way. We enjoyed the road, but traveling that route along with several unexpected delays on the interstate about doubled our travel time on the way home. As Delilah would say, that is the Miller Way....

It was a great vacation and there are many more places in those mountains I'd like to see. So, though the Outer Banks is enjoyable, I do believe that I've been taken by the mountains. Bonus! They are closer to home anyway!


  1. Beautiful water! Glad you had a good time.

  2. We're planning to do that vacation when the kids are older. But I didn't know about Sliding Rock. That looks awesome.
    I LOVE the Outer Banks. We went for my 40th birthday. No kids then so we took our dogs.

  3. looks lovely.

    I drove through there a few years ago on my way to Wisconsin from Florida. I loved how the county was called Transylvania. We also stopped at a great cafe in Brevard and had some classic southern food which included sweet potatoes and greens and fried chicken.

  4. Estrogen files,
    I know our mountains don't compare to what you have there! :)

    Vacation w/o kids? What is that? :)

    You have traveled everywhere haven't you! I think you would love Asheville. Many like minded people there. Yes I got a chuckle out of Transylvania too.

  5. I love the NC mountains. I live in SC about 20 minutes from the NC line. It is a beautiful place. Maybe I need to think about a day trip to some of the falls...

  6. Thanks for writing this.