Friday, October 12, 2007

Not as Planned

Moms everywhere are crying out for time alone, begging for a few minutes for themselves. When you are a stay at home mom, especially one who homeschools that need seems huge. You are surrounded by children needing your attention twenty four seven. Your days are a constant juggle of teaching one child to read, another to write a well structured paragraph, and keep the younger children busy so the older ones can work. Oh, and don't forget about cooking, keeping the house half way decent, and trying to find ways to stretch the family budget. It is enough to make a mom scream, "If only I had a few quiet hours alone, I could catch up on all the tasks that need done!"

And then it happens, those glorious few hours alone, and you don't know what to do with yourself. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Today three of the four kids went to pick up their cousins about 2:30. (For those of you who read about that family situation, things are still really not settled, but for this weekend the cousins are coming here.) While they were gone the little one took a nap.

I thought I would get so much accomplished. I have writing to do (writing that is not on this blog,) cleaning that has been neglected, things to list on eBay, fall clean up outside, and long list of other things that could use my attention. I've tried to do a few things that require brain power. You'd think that this would be the perfect time to accomplish those tasks, wouldn't you? It is like my brain won't work without the constant activity and noise that is the norm for this house. I just stared blankly at the screen with no ideas.

Three hours later. . . Vivian has been up for quite some time, not much has gotten marked off the list, and here I sit doing something that I don't really need to. It feels nice. Maybe what we mom's really need is a few hours of peace and quiet to throw out the to do list and recharge the brain cells so that we can function in the chaos of our everyday. I'm using that as my excuse anyway!


  1. I do this exact same thing. I would literally wander around aimlessly!!! Maybe you're right.

  2. Here's my theory, but then again it's just me:
    A few hours isn't enough. TOO MUCH pressure to get something done.
    I need a few DAYS.
    Oh sure, I would miss them occasionally but my husband has never taken my children anywhere overnight without me.
    Please,,,, PLEASE,,,, chris,, take the kids camping!LOL

  3. I work better under pressure too. If I am completely alone with nothing pushing me, I don't get a lot accomplished!

  4. I find that I tend to work better with all the chaos (not that I have any! :P) if I use my quiet time for rest.

    God Bless!