Monday, November 06, 2006

Would money change you?

Have you ever wondered if and how your life would change if suddenly you inherited a large sum of money, won the lottery or your family's income doubled? Experience tells me that when we have more money, we spend more money.

Yet, I'd like to think we have learned our lesson in that area. I'd like to think that if we had a sudden increase of cash, that we would spend it wisely; we would pay off debt, we would save, we not live paycheck to paycheck. Would we continue to be frugal?

If I were rolling in money, there is one thing that I would consider spending money on that might surprise you: a cleaning service. Yes, I hate cleaning that much. I could excuse the lack of cleanliness in my house by saying I don't have enough time or I have four kids, and while that may be partially true, the real reason is I really don't want to.

It would be a dream, if I could just keep up with the daily stuff, like I do now, and someone else would come in and do the things that I never (or rarely) get done, like walls, dusting, ceiling fans, and . . . ok I'll stop there now before I reveal how much I truly do not clean! *grin*

Oh and while I am dreaming, how about someone to do my laundry? That is a household chore that I dread. Not that doing laundry itself is all that bad, if I only had to do a few loads a week, but around here it is a two or three day project.

Oh well, I probably don't need to worry about rolling in money anytime soon. I will just dream about being able to pay someone to clean my house and do my laundry. . . .

Wait the dream is within my reach, and it gets even better, it is free. I have kids! They do help some now, but within a few years I will have four people to do some serious cleaning and laundry. YIPEE! I can get someone else to clean and still continue in my frugal ways.

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  1. Yup, I can't wait until my girls can help. But then they grow up and move out... then what are we going to do? ;O)

    I have said the same thing many times- the more money you have, the more you spend.

    If I had money, I would buy a new house that didn't need something fixed every 6 months. I would love to have a cleaning service too. I think I would hire a full time chef, and personal trainer...

    Then all my money would be gone, LOL!