Friday, November 10, 2006


Time goes so fast. Tim and I have been married almost 12 years. Remember giving your friends addresses for bridal shower invitations? That was easy compared to compiling the wedding invitation list. Then addressing all those invitations. It was a good thing we knew someone who did calligraphy. She did all our invitations for us. Picking out food, dresses, tuxes, finding a church a reception hall, choosing music, and oh the list goes on and on. So much time invested, not to mention money.

This far past that big day, I wonder is it all worth it? Should all that time and money be invested for one day. It seems like materialism has snuck in and weddings are more a big business and show and less about beginning a new life with someone. Maybe we should focus more on the bride and groom's relationship for the year before the wedding instead of what flavor filling we want for the cake. Maybe the money should be used to wipe out any existing debt, or used toward a house, instead of flowers for a building. Life, newly married, is hard enough without financial burdens hanging over your head.

Don't get me wrong. I do love weddings, and this is not directed at anyone I know who is currently planning a wedding. You probably couldn't tell me any of this twelve years ago when I was planning my wedding. I am not suggesting we do away with weddings, I am just wondering if it all has gotten too big. Or maybe I have just become way to practical!


  1. My wedding...

    {Boyfriend at the time} came home gave me a piece of paper told me to sign it so I could get insurance. I signed it, next thing I know the HR manager of a well known motorcycle builder is marrying us.

    Every gals dream wedding. HA!

    We have been married 3 years, together for 10.

  2. Stphanie: I am still reading your blogs. Very entertaining!

    Ahhh...Weddings! I've had two. My first one, when I was 20, was a semi-lavish one, but not extravigant. We were determined not to strain anyone's pocket book. My Dad and Mom were divorced, so my Dad bought my wedding dress, we had 100 guests and my Mom had a friend that grew orchids, so they decorated our church reception. Our honeymoon was 3 days in New Orleans and 3 days at Gulf Shores, AL. Had a son, then a divorce 12 years later.

    My last (and final!) wedding...was
    10 years ago on 11/20/1996. Being older and even more frugal--and wiser, we went to a neighboring city that was old and historic. My Dad and Step-Mom met us. We had lunch at an "Emporium" across the street from the courthouse, where the Judge married us (I have a VCR tape of this wedding, where it was interrupted when a LOUD train went by...LOL) and the 4 of us went to a local ice cream establishment and had banana splits--a most satisfying reception, LOL!


  3. We offered to elope, but mom and dad said big wedding fine...

    Not sure what my kids will do. Thought it would be easy sailing until the daughter came along! hee!

    But, yes, things are getting ridiculous these days!