Monday, November 13, 2006

I'll be back. . .

Our computer is going in tomorrow for a little clean up and memory boost. We have been having computer issues. We are trying to get our old hand-me-down computer to last us for awhile yet. One of Tim's co-workers also owns a computer shop. He thought his guys could do a little tweaking to upgrade our system and install a second hard drive, that Tim got for free, for about $35. It is worth a try.

Anyhow, what that means is I will be computer-less for a few days. I have a few posts drafted that I am hoping to post from my mom's. Other than that I will probably not be around in the bloggy world much this week.

So, if you are really dying to read something, try checking out some of my favorite places as listed in the sidebar or read through the posts under your favorite label or you could browse through the archives. Plenty to do. I think I will use my new free time to clean since we are having Thanksgiving here. I will catch up with you later this week or early next week.


  1. Have a nice computer free few days!

  2. Enjoy your free time!! Come back soon.......