Thursday, September 21, 2006

So embarrassing

Tuesday was our first story hour of the season. (the library does something different in the summer) I packed up the kids, (including a diaper less Nolan!) and headed to town. The librarian had the conference room all set up. A U of situpons (small rugs) and behind it a U of chairs for the parents. These were kid sized chairs, but they were intended for us.

We are going on a different day this year, because the day we used to go on conflicts with our homeschoolco-op. So there are a few familiar faces, but mostly new ones. Nolan was being unusually shy and stuck pretty close to me. Eventually, he ended up laying under my chair. I had Vivian on my lap. Nolan had taken his one shoe and sock off. About half way through the story, I leaned forward to retrieve it. It was a bit out of my reach so I had to come off the chair a bit. After retrieving the shoe and sock I went to sit back down and the chair was gone! The chair had fallen back when I leaned forward.

I do not have the balance, strength or grace to stabilize myself from that position. I went plop, not on the floor, but on Nolan who was under where the chair had been. Vivian was cradled in my arm so luckily she didn't hit the floor, but my arm hit the floor and the force of that caused her do asomersault out of my arm onto the floor. Nolan is screaming, Vivian is screaming and all I can do is laugh. You know you either laugh with everyone or die of embarrassment.

The kids weren't hurt only scared. Another mom took Vivian and she settled down quickly. I tried to comfort Nolan, but he was pretty upset. I eventually took him out of the room and he settled down.

After story hour one mom said to me, "Where is the video camera when you need it? You would have won big on America's Funniest Home Videos."

The librarian related Lydia's reaction to me. Lydia was initially very concerned that Nolan and Vivian had been hurt. The librarian reassured her that even though they were crying, they really were just scared, not hurt. Lydia looks at the librarian and politely says, "Oh good, why can't mommy take Nolan to a different room now?" Apparently, she wanted to hear the end of the story!


  1. Oh my. What a story! Great visual! Glad no one was hurt!

    Thanks for stopping and commenting on my Halloween question yesterday!


  2. oh so glad no one got hurt! and good for you for laughing - that taught your kids a good lesson too!

  3. Well, the most important thing is that no one was hurt. But you handled the best way...with laughter.
    Thanks for the good wishes on my blog. Don't worry, I didn't go to work. In fact, it's just me and the I get the next two weeks off!

  4. good for you, laughing at yourself. Better than to get embarrased or upset. Great visual, I can just picture it!

  5. I'm glad no one was hurt! That will be a moment you will always remember!

  6. Thanks for sharing! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one with a few archives (okay MANY) in my embarassment library. ;o)

    Holly's Corner

    Here via the Carnvial of Family Fun ;o)

  7. Oh, thanks for the visual and making me laugh! I'm usually the one doing things like this so I'm laughing with you and in total understanding!