Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is this an Intervention?

I enjoy my morning coffee. I make it half regular and half decaf, so, that really isn't addiction is it? Or is that kind of like someone saying they only smoke light cigarettes? Anyway, I think maybe Nolan is worried about me and trying to tell me something.

Thankfully, the pot was almost empty, so he did not get burned. He did, however, get two small cuts on his foot from the glass. Now, what am I supposed to do tomorrow morning? I feel the headache coming already! LOL


  1. I feel your pain. Do you have anything else with caffeine in the house? I'm sorry for your loss :)

  2. ACK! NO! My middle son did the same thing, we bought a stainless steel pot after that. {We tend to have extra things around the house, like glass coffee pots, just in case} Do you not have a stove top peculator that you can use?

  3. I think you're experiencing caffeine withdrawals! I hear chocolate has caffeine in it, too!

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

  4. Must. Have. Coffee.
    I am getting a sympathy headache just thinking about it! Try tea in a pinch, it has more caffeine than coffee, but you could make it a little weak.. I hope your son is ok, and his foot is healing. :O) Here from the CFL.