Monday, June 12, 2006

A trip to the ER

Yesterday evening Tim was outside working on the van. The kids were out with him. (except Vivian of course!) I heard Eric and his kids come home and shortly after I hear Nolan (2) scream. At first I didn't think much of it. He often screams because he is mad at the dog or sister. But the screaming continued. I look out the window and Tim is kneeling down holding Nolan's hand with bloody rag. Not good! Tim says to me, "Let's go to the hospital."

I gather a few things. Get some ice for Nolan's thumb. We leave the older two with Eric and go. I had not looked closely at the thumb. I just saw lots of blood. I have learned that faces and fingers bleed a lot. I made a trip to the ER once when Kellen cut a finger and it turned out to be minor, no stitches required. So I asked Tim if he was sure that it was deep and not just a lot of blood. He tells me he could bend the top of the thumb almost off. Ok then it is deep!

And it was. We did have to wait at all. The ER sent us up to Immediate Care and we saw a doctor right away. There was a little waiting for the whole process, but not bad. He got an X-ray. No break! And then the stitches. Six of them in his little thumb. He lost the whole nail, and the cut was down to the bone. He was a brave little guy. Yes he did cry and scream, but didn't really fight too much. After the thumb was numbed and they were stitching. He laid still and stopped crying.

After we got home, we tried to piece together what actually happened. Best we can figure is he went over to Eric's car when they came home. Miles had opened the front door and he must have put his hand in the space where the doors are connected because when Ashley opened the back door his thumb was caught. It is amazing how quickly things can happen when there is a two year old involved!

But everything should be fine. He has to take antibiotics and go back in a few days. The biggest challenge now will be to stop him from taking the dressing off. He is still sleeping now, but it wouldn't surprise me if the bandaging was off when he gets up this morning.


  1. I'm sorry about your trip to the ER. Those are never fun. I'm glad that Nolan's OK though. I just wanted to let you know that I went to the little market in Nitro today. They are not open on Sundays. Like I said, it is REALLY small, and you kind of have to catch it on a "good day". They almost always have a good selection of apples and dried beans. As for the other things, they are kind of hit and miss. Like today we got some good looking squash, zuchinni, 1/2 runner beans, corn, and potatoes, but today was a good day.

  2. Oh my gosh, poor boy! We had a similar incident at work years ago where a 6 year old shut his own finger in a steel door and pulled the end off, nail and all. We found the end of it still stuck to the door jam. Amazingly, it grew almost completely back, including a new nail. Your post brought back that same feeling in my stomach, even though it has been over 13 years ago. I hope he is feeling better!