Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let the harvest begin!

Yummy! Up until yesterday we had only found a few handfuls of raspberries. I went picking with the kids yesterday and found a bunch of ripe black raspberries and blackberries. The best part is these were in a new spot that I didn't realize had so many berries. It is close to the house, so between there and the drive way I think we will have more berries than we can handle. There are berries all over the property, but I am happy to have so many close to the house!~

It is still early and there are a lot more unripe than ripe berries, but even so the kids and I brought back about 10 Cups of berries in a couple of hours. Ok correction, Kellen and I brought back the berries. Kellen was a big help, but Lydia could not resist eating every berry she picked and then some! :) When her belly was full she went back to the house!

Another exciting find - Blueberries! These are my favorite fruit. I had never found any wild ones before. Yesterday we saw a small bush mixed in the raspberries. Now this bush wouldn't provide even enough for me to eat, but I am encouraged that they do grow on the property. Where there is one there is probably more. Now I just have to find them. I am wondering if the deer are eating them and that is why I haven't seen more. I don't know how to identify the plant with out the berries. I need to learn.

Ok that was a rabbit trail sorry! I get a little excited for blueberries! We brought the raspberries back and made Boiled Wild Blackberry Dumplin' from Bootstraps an Biscuits. It was so good. I am planning to eat lots of berries, make lots of cobblers and pies, freeze some berries, make some jam and maybe make a raspberry vinegar. There should be plenty of berries, but time? Well we will see. We are going out of town next week and I am sad about the berries we will miss, but I think there will still be plenty when we return and heck the red raspberries haven't even started yet!


  1. Can you tell she is excited about the berries? And let me tell you, she LOVES blueberries. Steph isn't kiddingabout the blueberries. She has looked on three cookbooks, and for anything tht has to do with berries. And I wonder why I am getting fat...

  2. I'm jealous! I figure we've got another month before the raspberries come on. And my blueberry bush I planted may make about 5 berries this year.


  3. Applehead, boo hoo -- Opie is gone. But you don't look as sinister as a dear friend who looks like Kojak (or is that before your time?:).) (Tricky punctuating properly with those smilies!)
    Aunt Nancy

  4. No I am not too young to remember Kojak. But I liked Columbo better, and Mannix before that...