Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Isn't she too cute!

Last night we took Vivian to Wal-Mart for her portraits. Here are a few of them. The all were too cute! So I ended up spending a bit more than planned, ( I planned to only buy the $6.88 package that has plenty of prints for us and our families) but we didn't go crazy or anything. I love getting the disk with the pictures so I can do things like this with them!

While we are on the subject on Vivian, I have posted here about her being high maintenance. Well, I think we have finally out grown that newborn period. In the last few weeks she has been just sweet. She has been going to sleep more easily and sleeps better. I am able to transfer her to her bassinet with out waking her. She plays and smiles so big. She wants to laugh, but there is no sound yet. She is a lot of fun.

As a side note, she is losing her hair like crazy. None of the others really did. But the hair coming in looks to be a reddish blonde! It seems as each kid has gotten more fair, so maybe she will be our blonde. We will have to wait and see. Her eyes though are starting to change. They are more gray than blue.


  1. Oh my gosh! She is a doll!!

  2. Is this my kid?!? Yeah I think so. She is almost 4 months now....

  3. Lovely little gal. Thanks for showing us the photos.
    Aunt Nancy

  4. I CAN NOT believe how much she has changed since I saw her a few weeks ago. Her hair really has lightened up. Jude's did the same thing. Crazy. Well, she is cute, just like the rest of your clan...

  5. she's so smiley! What a cutie!