Monday, June 19, 2006

Poke Pickles

For those of you who were wondering. I did try a test batch of Pickled Poke stems. The results (drum roll please!)


The good. I did like the flavor. The recipe I used was a sweet pickle which I am usually not overly crazy about, but this one was good. The stems were crisp and crunchy but here is where I get to the bad. . .

The recipe does tell you to peel the stalks. I did peel them, but admit to doing a quickie job of it. Many of the pickles are still woody. Peeling more would certainly take care of this, but for me I am not sure the labor time is worth the payout. (in pickled poke stems)

So I may do some more, but only if I have lots of time to. Our wild raspberries are loaded and starting to turn and I have big plans for them. And I have some other projects in mind too. Ok, so that is basically saying I am not going to make more poke pickles! :)

1 comment:

  1. It better rain more like today if we are going to harvest the amount of Rasberries you are looking for.As for the Pickled poke, I am happy you tried it. but I think I will refrain just because I do not like sweet pickled cucumbers, so I don't think I will venture out to this.yet.