Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thing One and Thing Two?

I remember when we started adding animals to the homestead. The kids could not wait to name them. They would fight over the names. Then when baby animals would come, the kids would want to name them all. We'd remind them that you don't name what you eat. They got around this little rule by naming the animals things like Dinner, Barbecue or Chops. I remember when Lydia wanted to name every female animal Sally. She had a stuffed animal named Sally, and at least one real chicken and goat by the same name.

Perhaps the thrill of having animals has subsided. Maybe the kids have run out of ideas. They no longer want to name the animals. This poor guy, who we bought last summer, has been stuck with the name Dude Man Piggy. I suggested the name as a joke, but the name stuck. 

Dude Man Piggy
We kept back two gilts from the last litters to replace our older (or non productive) sows. These gilts are now bred, and they still don't have names. I've been calling them Black Gilt and Red Gilt (she really is a very dark red and was a brighter red when she was younger.) These poor girls need names. The other sows are Charcoal and Sassafire. The kids aren't throwing out any suggestions. How about you? Do you have any ideas?

Red Gilt

Black Gilt


  1. Blaze
    Agni (means fire)

  2. I like Blaze. thanks for the suggestions.

  3. I remember the first time I met you, Viv ran up and told me "Us ate Sally last night!"...I laughed so hard over that. :-)

  4. well, i'm not sure what to name them, but they sure are cute! glad things are going well. hope your husband's health is stable. i've been absent from my blog due to a dive in amy's health. i'm back, though. look forward to following your journey again. hope you find good names!

  5. We just got our first pig yesterday. The kids were dispapointed b/c they wanted to give him a seasonal name but all the good ones (Holly, Noel, Eve) are girl names. They setttled on Papa Noel b/c one of them learned that was the Spanish name for Sanat Claus. We call him "Papa" for short. Of course, this means in the spring we will be butchering Santa Clause...
    Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  6. Stevie, You made me snort. I needed that first thing this Monday morning! Thanks!