Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Love, Encouragement and Good Timing

Yesterday morning was rough here on the farm. In fact, it was one of the worst mornings I can remember in quite some time. It is a long story which parts of do not need to be shared publicly, and parts may be shared at a later time when I might possibly find it a funny story.

Suffice to say that it was very frustrating, tempers flared, and words flew. Afterward, I pulled myself and the kids together to go to a local homeschool group meeting.

During the announcements I really wasn't paying much attention. I was off in my own world in my head. I did notice a friend pull out a large wrapped box, and I wondered if I'd missed someone's birthday or other special event. As she was talking, she started to walk toward me with the box in her hand. That was when I started to listen, and realized that she was talking about me and my family.

She, along with several other crafty friends, wanted to do something special for us just to say they love us and are praying with us through all the hard times. These ladies are amazing, and their gift of love and encouragement couldn't have come on a better morning for me.

Look at their amazing handiwork. Each square is different and unique. There are apples, music notes, flowers, squirrels, and as they told us, lots of love and prayers knitted into this blanket.

Thanks so much Crystal, Jamie, Annie, Glenna, Jean, Patricia, and Maria. You're amazing!


  1. Lovely - both the quilt and the people.

  2. Wonderful friends are such a blessing. That is one beautiful quilt.

  3. Great women friends! Miss all of you guys!

  4. You are SO blessed. What a wonderful heart felt gift.