Friday, January 15, 2010

A Matter of Perspective I Guess

This afternoon Nolan was sitting in the living room while I was trying to get a few things together for this weekend. I over heard him talking to himself.

Nolan: There were no TVs back then. There were no cars.

Me: What are you talking about?

Nolan: There were no cars in the 70's.

Me: There were cars in the 70's.
He pondered a minute, and then gave me his famous ornery smile.

Nolan: The sixties?

Me: There were cars and TVs in the 60's.

Nolan: Oh. Well sometime long ago there were no TVs or cars.
Then he went back to playing the Wii. I guess to the mind of a 5 year old the 70s (when his parents were born) and the 60s (slightly before we were born) are ancient history. Times that were so long ago that surely no TVs or cars could have existed. I'm feeling very old right now.


  1. but we did have dial telephones, records, accounts (at department stores), and pull tab pop!

  2. Jennie Spoor1/16/10, 11:20 AM

    You think you feel old!!!? I was in high school before we had a color TV! I remember (later than that) when the first cable TV company came to town. I remember having to use Basic computer language to work on a computer. Everyone had dial telephones and nearly everyone had party lines (try explaining that concept to Nolan!). I miss the big, nice department stores, with pneumatic tubes to send papers around, that really took care of you and had a lounge and/or cafeteria to rest in. At least some of your clothing purchases would be folded neatly in sturdy boxes lined with tissue paper. You could buy LP records in the basement and Nancy Drew books in the book corner. Everyone's mom was home all day and the neighborhood kids all played together till suppertime and then some more till dark because no one had so many after-school activities that their schedules were jammed. Ok, I'm starting to get down so I'd better stop!

  3. It definitely is a matter of perspective - remember how old you thought 40 was when you were 17...

  4. LOL. That is funny & cute. I totally remember when I thought 20 was old! :) Holly

  5. oh GAWD do I feel old....a product of 1961....we did have cars and tv's.....and we actually could turn on a stove without striking two rocks togehter to light it...sob. Am I really that old!!!

  6. Imagine living in the sixties with all the civil unrest over Vietnam, and finding history books had reduced all that to a single paragraph. That was a shock.

  7. I remember asking my Mom what they did for a turkey at Thanksgiving.She said we got one from the grocery store,we did have stores back then you know!Aunt Sis