Friday, January 15, 2010

Change is the Only Constant

It seems the one thing we can count on around here is change. There is never cause to be bored because there is always something new going on. That is how life works especially on the homestead. Especially with the particular people that live here. I'm not complaining. That would be pointless, but sometimes I do have trouble keeping up with all the changes.

Where to begin? Well there is the story about going to Ohio to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We had a good few days there. We changed vehicles with Jake and Delilah while there. The plan was to bring their van back for repairs, but on the trip home we were stranded on I-77, in the middle of nowhere, for about four hours with all the kids in the vehicle. Now, that was fun.

Lydia had a birthday this week. She now is eight. She had a friend spend the night for her birthday. It is funny to watch them. They are in that stage of change between little girls and big girls. One minute they are planning with babies and Barbies. The next they are doing each others nails.

There have been two new litters of pigs born recently. Two more are expected soon. We've been getting rid of fat hogs to make room for the new litters. My freezer is now full of fresh pork. Yum.

We had a goat that we noticed was not herself. We separated her from the rest. With in a couple days we really thought we were going to lose her. She couldn't get up. She would not eat or drink unless you forced her. We considered putting her out of her misery.

The vet gave us a steroid shot, penicillin, and thiamine to give her. It took a few days, but then we saw improvement. A few days later she was getting up and around. She still is a little weak and we are keeping her separate, but it looks as if she will make it.

My niece and nephew, Ashley and Miles, and their mother, my ex-sister-in-law Amy are now permanent residents of the 100 Acre Wood. The story of all our relationships is a long one. It is a complicated one, and the fact that they are all living here is still kind of amazing to me.

They have moved into my parents house. My parents are moving into a house that was supposed to be fixed up for my brother, and then when he chose not to live there (another long complicated story,) was designated to be a guest home. It needed a lot of work, but as a guest house, fixing it was not a high priority. So currently my parents are trying to finish that house, move their stuff into it in the midst of Amy trying to unpack her stuff into the house they are all living in now. Can we say mass chaos?

Talk about change.

On Facebook lately lots of people have been changing their profile picture to pictures of when they were young. I chose the picture below. I think it was from around second or third grade.

I was kind of surprised about the comments saying that Kellen looks just like me. I'd never really noticed that before. Though I do have to admit, after looking at our pictures together, that there certainly is some truth to those comments. Ignore the turkey hat. It is one of the few recent picture I have of him smiling. Let me just say, Kellen is just thrilled to be told he looks like his mother. Can you feel the sarcasm here?

Change is always happening. It keeps life interesting. I wonder what changes are awaiting us today?


  1. Happy Birthday Lydia!
    8 is really great! Keep smiling!

  2. You two do look alike at that age! I thought it was a picture of the same person at first.