Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

They warned us it was coming. We saw it begin before we went to bed Friday night, but there is just something amazing about going to sleep with no snow on the ground and waking up to this.

The roads were terrible, and the electric was out most of the day, but the kids had fun playing in the snow and sleeping by the fireplace. It really was a great day to play in the snow. The snow was heavy and wet, perfect for packing, and the temperatures were not bitter. Tim was having fun playing in the snow too with the four wheeler. Well, until he got stuck anyway. Power came back on last night, the roads are clear, and this will all likely be melted away by Christmas day when the forecasted high is 45 degrees. Enjoy the snow while you can!


  1. absolutely beautiful pictures. Winter wonderful!!

  2. You got a bit more than we did - my kids enjoyed it too though!