Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toilet Seats for Christmas and Other Fun

We got the kids a toilet seat for Christmas.

Yes, you read that right, a toilet seat. Aren't we wonderful parents?

For those of you who know about our four gifts for Christmas tradition, this is not part of the four gifts. This we are considering a bonus gift. We are just spoiling these kids aren't we?

Our house has two bathrooms. Our bathroom came with a wooden toilet seat. The kids' bathroom came with the standard white seat. What they are made of I have no idea. The kids thought they had been shorted. They protested that our toilet seat was so much more comfortable than their toilet seat. Kellen especially would use any excuse to use our bathroom instead of his own. A daily question would come from him, "Mom, can I use your bathroom?" My daily response, "NO!" Call me selfish, but my bathroom gets enough stink without adding the funk from an eleven year old boy.

Time passed, and eventually our much loved and coveted toilet seat developed a crack. No one wants to get pinched by a crack in a toilet seat now do they? Tim picked up a new and of course, wooden toilet seat for us.

The kids were so in love with our wooden toilet seat that they begged us to put the old cracked one on their toilet. We of course, refused because if anything is going to be hurting their behind we want it to be intentional, not just an accidental pinch from the toilet seat. They would have to make do with their common white toilet seat.

Then I had an idea. Wouldn't it be fun to put a new wooden toilet seat in the kids' bathroom late Christmas Eve? We could install it and even add a bow and a ribbon. Tim outright laughed at me, and argued that there was nothing wrong with the toilet seat that was already in there. Eventually, he did think it would be a fun extra gift for the kids, and agreed to pick up another wooden toilet seat.

Unfortunately our plans were a bit spoiled by an eleven year old, who amazingly, while watching a movie on the other side of the house, can hear me talking on the phone to his father about a surprise Christmas gift. Yet, he can not hear me when I'm am right in front of his face asking him to unload the dishwasher. Uncanny.

Even with the surprised foiled, Tim bought a new wooden toilet seat. Kellen installed it, and now everyone has happy bottoms while taking care of business in the bathroom. Merry Christmas!

And if that wasn't enough fun for one post........

Remember all the snow we got last weekend? With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, most of that snow is still here.

Nolan has an issue with underwear. He loves boxers, but prefers to wear them alone. If he is wearing sweat pants, he never puts underwear on unless made to. He will wear underwear with zip pants, though, after learning the hard way that zippers and naked bottoms do not go well together.

Sunday, when I came home from work, Kellen informed me that he owed Nolan a dollar. This was a problem because Kellen could not get the safe where he keeps his money open. That is another story, but I promise that the snow, the underwear, and the dollar are all part of the same story even though these paragraphs seem totally unrelated.

Apparently, while I was at work, and Tim was working outside, the boys were in the house. Nolan was having a boxers only day, and it was getting on Kellen's nerves. Kellen bet Nolan that Nolan couldn't run to the Y, a spot in the driveway about 1/4 mi from the house, in his boxers and crocs in the snow.

Did I mention that Kellen owes Nolan a dollar?


  1. nolan has not leard his lesson about zippers and I LOVE WOODEN TOILET SEATS! also you B-room has a window.


  2. Merry Christmas To you all & your happy bottoms!! Thanks for the chuckle as I can picture Nolan doing that, it's too bad you didn't get that on video. Hope to see you over the holidays. Love Aunt Teri

  3. Read every word of this and chuckled.

    Let's hope they see the bow before they sit down :) Happened to me the other night that I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, stumbled sleepily without really waking up and went to sit down only to find someone squawking at me that they were already there. Apparently I was really sleepy. Didn't even notice them.

  4. Oh how funny and a real treat for the holidays. It is amazing the memories that our children can create for us.
    Merry Christmas to you and the rest of your family!

  5. I would never bet against Nolan doing something!

  6. At least he was allowed to wear boxers - instead of the much colder alternative! Great post, and merry Christmas! :)

  7. LOL! I just came across your blog. I look forward to stopping by again

    Come check my new blog out:

  8. I hear you loud and clear about not wanting to share your bathroom with an eleven year old boy. Ours still refuses to lift the seat. I have to wipe before I seat every time! Haha! The wooden seat is something they will remember for years to come! Have a wonderful New Year!