Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and Beyond

What day is it? No, really. Last week was a blur with all the Thanksgiving preparations and the enjoyment of said preparations and time with family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have to admit to being somewhat stressed because this year I was pressed for time and a little less organized than normal. I decided early in the week to get done what I could and that any thing I didn't get done really wouldn't matter once everyone was here. That was one of my best decisions ever.

We had a house full. Tim's parents, Jeff and Gail were here. Uncle Vern and Aunt Brenda came from Buffalo. My cousin Pam and her husband Hans came from Baltimore. My Great Aunt Hazel and her friend Terry joined us as did our friends from church and co-op, the Farr's. If you are keeping track, that makes 20, including my family and my parents. The house was packed.

The food was abundant. Mom and I split the cooking duties, and everyone brought something to share too. We had all the fixings, but the desserts stole the show. We must have had close to ten pies and date pudding and cheesecake. I love it!

Friday, many of us went to Blenko and then to Hillbilly Hotdog for lunch. While eating lunch Uncle Vern preceded to tell a few stories about Hans. One of which was a story of how Hans had lost his keys on the ski slope and Aunt Brenda had to drive several hours in a snow storm in the middle of the night to help Pam and Hans out. We all got quite a laugh out of that story. We should have kept our mouths shut.

A few hours later, back here, Uncle Vern was doing something in his car and accidentally locked the keys in the car. Luckily, they have Triple A. After a few phone calls, a tow truck showed up and had the car unlocked in a matter of minutes.

Yesterday, I worked until about 9:30. I needed gas, and stopped at the station right by work. After pumping the gas, I went to get back in the car and the doors were locked. The doors were locked and the keys were in it. The doors were locked and my phone was in the car. The phone which holds the phone numbers for everyone I know, including the phone numbers for my family which are not in the phone book because they are all cell phones. Panic.

Yes, I am that dependent on technology. The only phone number I actually know in my head is Tim's. Tim's phone is a work phone and a different service than the rest of ours. His service is very limited at our house. I borrowed the phone from the gas station to give it a try. I got his voice mail. A little more panic.

Finally, I asked to borrow a phone book. I looked up the neighbors phone number. They have a land line. Their son Josh answered. "Josh, could you ask your dad what my dad's phone number is?" I said, feeling like a complete idiot.

I got the phone number, and after a couple tries got my dad. Twenty minutes later Tim was there with a spare set of keys, and we were both on our way home.

Thanksgiving was good. The food was good and the company was great. But next time I think we better think twice about telling stories on people. It may just come back to bite us.


  1. What an adventure! I'm glad that Tim was able to rescue you and you didn't have to pay a locksmith. I did that this spring when I locked myself & the kids out of the van--in Lewisburg. Too far for Rick to come help. $45 to locksmith. Dang.

  2. Yikes, I'm glad it all turned out alright!

    Sounds like a fun time with your family!