Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nolan the Wise (?)

Yesterday the boys and I were out running an couple errands. We stopped at Kroger, and Kellen ran in to get the one thing we needed, while Nolan and I stayed in the car. The Salvation Army bell guy was set up and working. Nolan asked me what that was for. I explained to him that they collected money to help poor people.

Nolan: You mean people who don't have money to buy food to eat.

Me: Yes

Nolan: They should give them some fruit and seeds.

Me: Fruit and seeds to eat?

Nolan: No. Fruit to eat. Seeds to plant a garden and grow their own food.

Quite a bit of wisdom in that statement made by my five year old, I think.


  1. I think Nolan should run for President...

  2. If only people higher up could think like Nolan!

  3. Nolan for president. I like the sound of that.

  4. Nolan for President? Sounds a little scary, but of it could be worse....

  5. Genetically modded or non?

  6. I second Nolan for president. They have HUGE halls and rooms that he can always "roll" through if he doesn't feel like walking anymore.

    PS...we used to have Kroger and I loved it but now its Harris Tetter :(

  7. Just proves you and Tim are doing it right!