Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lydia Appleton future RN?

Lydia will soon be eight. Before our eyes she is starting to change from a little girl into a young lady. It is a bit scary, especially for her daddy. Beyond our fears though, it is so interesting to watch the kids grow and mature, and see their natural gifts and talents play out.

Lydia has always been a nurturer. We could almost see it from the beginning in the way she played with her dolls. Later it could be seen in the kind way she interacted with her siblings, especially the younger ones. Now we see it at many levels from her play with toys to her desire to take drinks and snacks out to Papaw and Tim while they are working. Most recently, though, we've seen it in her care for those who are hurt.

This summer Lydia started taking over the nursing duties here in the house. If someone is sick, she is ready to take them a drink, or sit with them. If one of the younger kids gets a scrape or boo boo, Lydia often beats me to the crying child, comforting soothing, and even cleaning and bandaging.

This week Papaw had an accident right after I left work. He was working on the dozer and had to bring it to a sudden stop, which sent him flying into one of the roll bars, head first. The result was a large gash to his head. I was not hear to witness this first person, but if you've ever seen someone with a cut on their head, you know the amount of blood that is involved. This was a cut that required 16 stitches and 9 staples. By all reports Papaw was a bloody gory mess when he first came up to the kids after the accident. Nolan later told Papaw that he looked like he was dead (because of all the blood.)

You might think that the sight of all that blood would make the kids panic. None of them did, but some did turn away at the sight. Lydia began tending. That is who she is.

We've been blessed with wonderful children. All with differing styles and personalities. I think, as their parents, it is important to acknowledge their strengths (and weakness) to help guide them on this path to adulthood. Perhaps Lydia will use that nurturing personality to be an nurse, maybe a teacher, maybe she will choose to be a stay at home mom, or maybe she will choose something entirely different. No matter, we will enjoy the process and watching our sweet, kind, nurturing girl become a lady.


  1. G and G agree , Lydia has a very gentle , caring way about her.The list could go on and on as she is so special!!!!!( As all of our grandchildren are!)

  2. Just want to add a few comments from Facebook friends!

    Tim Appleton
    Scary is right. Where's my shotgun?

    Victoria Baker
    I noticed Lydia's beautiful nurturing spirit the very first time we met..her gentle kind smile told it all.. and I was impressed with how she cared for the younger ones at the campsite. She seems to take them under her wings. And when it came to the plant world I was super amazed at Nolan's knowledge..The children are awesome! Thanks for sharing them with all of us....It's really something to be a parent and watch them grow....what a blessing.

    Angela Harbour
    She is a sweet young lady! It is so amazing wondering what they will be!

    Pamela Gail Lemon-Mays
    I love your blog. You do have great kids. Miss you guys!