Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Much to Say!

It has been quite the week. Much more busy than I like, but sometimes it just falls that way. There has been a lot going on. Where do I start?

The best news is that Martha is planning a visit! She and a friend are coming in May. I am so excited, and a bit anxious. I really don't have words for it. It is a happy thing though! She has expressed that she feels the same way.

Kellen, the kid who hates art, had a drawing selected for a student art show at the Highlands Museum in Ashland. The picture was made during a workshop we did there. The theme was "When I Grow Up." He wrote a bit about what he wants to be; a chemical engineer was the profession stated at the time, and drew a picture of himself with a college diploma. We won't be able to attend the opening ceremony, but the show runs from April 19- May 10. When we do go I will get a picture to post here.

And we now have guard animals. We have two donkeys, and a friend may be buying a llama to keep here too. Think that will keep the dogs away? Really, you should have only one donkey with the herd. That way they become part of the herd and protect it. (For more on using donkeys as guard animals: Protecting Livestock with Guard Donkeys) With two they go off with each other and do their own thing. These are doing that somewhat, and we are being pretty cautious with the goats and sheep still.

We do plan to separate the donkeys and put one up with the cows, but we have a pretty aggressive horse up there that needs to go first. The donkeys are young, about ten months. Sophie shows no mercy.

They are a little skittish yet, but the jenny will let me pet her fairly readily. The jack is a bit more shy. I am hoping to be able to work with them enough to be able to lead, and maybe to let the kids ride.

We haven't named them yet. We are waiting for Miles and Ashley to help decide. The names put out so far:

Mario and Peach
Luigi and Daisy
Link and Zelda

Do you see a pattern here?

Luke and Leia was also suggested.

When I suggested just Jack and Jenny, Kellen, with a sheepish grins suggested, "Jack-you-know-what, and Jenny-you know-what, JA for short." Always pushing the limits that kid is. That suggested was vetoed.

Any opinions or ideas?


  1. That was soooo funny that Kellen said that! It sounds like something Jarrett would come up with. The boys came up with Mario and Sonic. Darn video games!

  2. I like Kellan's answers, but I'm weird that way. I had a friend who named his dogs Linus and Lucy.
    I love donkeys. One of my favorite books as a kid was called Biddy Christmas, about a girl who gets a donkey to ride instead of a horse like her brother has, and how she grows to love her.

  3. Greg thinks you should name them Sis and Gail. (I'm dying here. lolololol)

  4. Um Cheryl, I think I better just keep my mouth shut! ;)

  5. Martha is comming...that's such wonderful-wonderful news, please keep us updated.

    Aunt D.

  6. That's so exciting about Martha! I'm so happy that this is all coming together so well for you guys.
    The donkeys? 1)they're awesome. We saw many donkeys and burros today. So I vote Pedro and Summer. 2) you didn't miss much today. I don't know what the weather was here but in Lucasville it STUNK. I mean,, it didn't rain but it was colder than blue blazes.
    3) we also saw many alpacas and llamas. They were all unattended tho. I got one phone number from a stack of papers under a roll of duct tape! I'm sick with "pack animal" fever.

  7. Crystal,
    That is too bad about the weather. It was pretty here though the wind was cold. I can't believe all the animals were unattended! That is crazy!

    I don't think we are going today. Too cold and supposed to rain!

  8. Stephanie,
    I was sorry to read about the goats, I hope you get those dogs. The mules are a great idea and both are so cute. We had a friend that owned a Jerusalem donkey years ago, great animals. Congratulations to Kellan on the winning art entry, can't wait to see the photo.

  9. Congrats to Kellen! What an awesome thing.

    Hmmm... I guess Jack and Jill is out of the question?

  10. yay I'm so excited! I don't know what I'm going to do for the next month!
    Congrats to Kellen! Thats so exciting! I can't wait to see the donkeys either. I'm going to try and come up with some names!