Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Easing Into Bedtime

When the days start getting longer bedtime can be quite the battle around here. After spending the entire day with the kids, come about 8:00, I am done. I just want some peace and quiet. Tim and I want some time alone. The kids, on the other hand, see it is still daylight and have no desire to go to bed. See the battle?

The solution? Ease into bedtime. It is one that we have used before, and somehow lost the routine along the way. We are picking it up again. We start the routine about 8:00. Everyone gets ready for bed. It is usually about 8:30 till everyone is done, and then they go to bed, but not to sleep. They go to bed for some quiet time. Mostly they lay in bed and read. Those who need the sleep the most (read Nolan) often fall asleep during this time. Then at 9:00 it is dark. We go in, tuck them in and turn off the lights.

It works like a charm. I think that half hour of quiet time helps them to wind down after a busy day of work and play. I know it helps me! Then they are ready to go to sleep by bedtime.

Works for Me Wednesday


  1. Please don't ever stop writing his blog. Thank you.

  2. Great tip! It really helps to have a positive point to something kids don't like. I use the reading for bedtime too-when my girls complain they shouldn't have to go to bed as early as I make them- I explain your going to read not to bed. I really like your blog!

  3. I remember shutting every blind and curtain in the house to convice the kids it was night time and dark outside!


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