Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Went Hunting

I keep teasing Tim that I'm going to start hunting. It is hard for him to get out during the week because it is usually dark by the time he gets home. On the weekends there are always other projects demanding his attention, and he enjoys sleeping in a bit on the weekends too.

Honestly I wouldn't mind going out to hunt. I mean, c'mon, a few hours in the woods alone that might yield me some Filet Mignon? I could go for that, and I usually get up early anyway. A couple of problems, the first being a weapon. I can't pull Tim's bow, and his gun knocks him back. It would probably put me on my butt. A different gun is on the wish list, but the finances aren't there right now.

The other problem is Tim claims that if I shoot it, I am responsible to field dress (gut) and bring the thing back home. I will shoot the thing, but sure would prefer that he do all the cutting up. I think he is just kidding about that. Aren't you honey?

So the past few weeks I've been seeing a deer or two in Mamaw and Papaw's yard. They only come when there aren't many people around. The other day Vivian and I were the only ones here. I was folding laundry, and I saw a deer in the yard. I started wondering if I could sneak up on that deer, and shoot it. I looked a little closer, and realized it was a pretty small one, and figured it wasn't worth the try.

Then I looked out the kitchen window. I could see the same small deer, but behind it was a nice big doe. Mmmmm. . . My adrenaline was pumping, and I wondered if the adrenaline flow would help me pull that bow. I went and got the bow. First try I almost got. Second try almost there, but then the skin of my hands hurt. I grabbed a nearby shirt to protect my hands, and on the third try I heard the "click" that means the string is pulled into place.

I set the safety, loaded the arrow, and check the position of my quarry. I quickly devised a plan to sneak out the side door, and head around the storage trailer where I thought I could hide behind the bank to take my shot.

Uh, miscalculated that one. I'm way to short. So I crept around the side of the trailer, hoping to be able to lean out just far enough to take a shot. As I reached the corner, I heard the "snort" and realized I was on the wrong side of the wind. I step out to see that my dinner was no longer there.

I thought perhaps they just went to the other side of the house, that maybe they really hadn't caught my scent, but no such luck. They were gone. Retreated to the safety of the woods.

I haven't tried to pull the bow again. I haven't gone out to hunt in the woods, but now at least I do know that in a pinch, I can pull that bow.


  1. wow- I'm very impressed that you got that far! WTG! You're a hunter. :)

  2. I don't know if I would go that far. but field dressing is easy as anything, once you do it, It get easier every time.

  3. made me laugh this morning. You go girl!!

  4. Crossbow? I want steaks!