Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Couldn't Resist

We are moving this summer. I should be sorting, packing, or cleaning, but the weather has been truly spring like. With spring, comes the itch. The itch to dig in the dirt. The itch to put tiny little seeds in the ground and wait. Wait for them to grow into beautiful and healthy food for my family. It is just a tad early according to my handy extension garden calendar, but I just couldn't resist.

Yes, this summer is going to be busy. There is a new house to paint, organize, and make our own. There is an old house and property to pack, clean, and get ready for sale. There is child to get settled in a (likely) far off dorm, and three others to prepare for new schooling options. No, a summer garden isn't likely, but a spring garden? Oh yes! There is time for a spring garden.

The raised beds are perfect for the little bit of therapeutic gardening I want to do. My favorite garden tool, lovingly referred to as the claw, is the only tool I need. The claw and I went to work fluffing up the beds and putting in some seeds.

Some of the spinach survived the winter.

We planted snow peas, a variety of lettuces and herbs, Chinese cabbage, and kale. I also got some potatoes ready to plant. The spot I thought I'd plant them isn't going to work, so I'm still deciding on that. I was trying to avoid any tilling, but it might have to happen.

I got a little gardening fix. I guess I better get back to that sorting, packing, and cleaning.

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