Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Beautiful Morning

It feels like spring here in the 100 Acre Wood. The people are enjoying it, and the animals are too. This morning is a bit chilly, but the day promises comfortable temperatures and sunshine.

It is a beautiful morning to just sit, to be still. The birds are singing. The cats are playing outside my window. The dogs are chasing some unseen thing in the woods, and the chickens are scratching for goodies in a pile of weeds I pulled from the herb garden yesterday.

I sit. I read a little. I watch, and I listen. It is a morning made for this. A morning where being still and feeling at peace comes easily. 

The day has just begun. The boys are off to school. The girls are just beginning to stir, and part of me thinks I should get moving with my day. Maybe start a load of a laundry at the very least. But I think I am just going to sit here a little while longer and relish this quiet stillness while enjoying this beautiful morning. 

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