Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Funny Little Things

In the middle of grief none of the things we do quite seem right. Everything has a little cloud of gloom hanging over it. We get through our days by making ourselves do what needs done. We try to distract ourselves with fun (and uncharacteristic) things like a new inside kitten, or a trip to D.C. for a long school weekend. We think we are doing ok, but then something little or funny brings the pain back to the surface.

Today I spent my morning writing thank you notes. This is a task that you might think would be painful since it involved rereading a lot of cards and sweet sentiments about Tim from people we've known (and some I don't even know) throughout our life and marriage.  I'll admit to it being slightly overwhelming. There is a lot of people to thank, and appreciation to show, and I don't have the words to express it well. The task was not at all painful, though.

Later in the day the girls and I ran some errands. One was to a farm customer, Butter it Up. They serve breakfast and lunch. They just added a new breakfast sandwich, The Tim, which features our products. For some reason that got me all choked up. I had to spend a few minutes in the bathroom composing myself before the girls and I could get lunch.

The rest of the day went like that. Small things hit me hard. The empty chair at the dinner table bothered me even though it didn't just yesterday. Tim's shoes were at the door. Kellen wore them. They wear the same size. I saw Tim "liked" a Facebook photo album of a friend that popped up in my feed again for some reason this evening.

His phone keeps popping up "I love Stephanie Appleton." Tonight I finally figured out why. He had set an event on his calendar, "I love Stephanie Appleton" back on July 22. The event was set for all day everyday, and to send a reminder.  That is why it was constantly on the display every time I picked it up. And that is what fully opened the flood gates that cracked this afternoon at Butter it Up.

So that is why I am sitting here crying even as the new kitten tries to love on me. Even when she walks on my keyboard as I try to type. Even as I am texting with a dear friend checking up on me,  I'm ok. It is just those funny little things tugging at my heart today.


  1. Soon those memories will bring smiles....but you have a certain quota of tears to get through....known only to your heart. Ride the is all okay. hugs.

  2. The reminder... Wow. So Tim.

  3. Oh my goodness, Stephanie--I am in tears. What a sweet thing for Tim to do. You and your family have been in my thoughts. I hope it gets easier for all of you. --Amanda Kolling

  4. It is the little things. I remember crying at the Shoney's salad bar after seeing the pepperoni. We always brought pepperoni back to the table for Jason to eat.

    It took me 7 years to even begin to start getting over my grief....and Anthony was 4 by then. There's this big, black hole in your life that no one can fill. But life goes on, and we walk around that gaping hole, to enjoy the life we have now as best we can. Because we love the ones left behind, and know we will all be together again soon.
    God Bless You and Give You Comfort!

  5. Blessings and Peace be wtih you...