Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hills and Valleys

I found this draft, begun in April, just today in August. I never did finish it, but am publishing it now just to keep the story together. 

Tim's battle with melanoma has been an emotional up and down since the first diagnosis for years ago. After that first surgery, and a tough year of treatment we hoped it was over. But the ride doesn't stop. The hills and valleys just seem to get closer together.

Stage 4. It is hard to say without tears coming. No cure. It is a harsh reality. For six months the medicines, vitamin C and supplements Tim takes were doing the job. He felt better. He looked better, and his three month scan looked great. The last few weeks though, he has been tired. It is easy to blame spring busyness, but last week's scan showed there was more to it. The first spots of cancer look about the same, but new spots are popping up.

It isn't a surprise. That is how we were told this would work at this stage. You find something that works, but it only works for so long, and then you try something new. Surprise or not, it is still hard news to hear.

It is hard to find the balance in the daily responsibilities of this life like laundry and bills, and the truly meaningful. It is all the more

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