Thursday, June 27, 2013

Messages from The Dominican Republic

I truly didn't expect to hear much while Kellen was in the Dominican. Cell phones do not work there. Phone calls are made from a hot cramped pay phone at $0.35/minute. Only the team leader, Glenna, has access to the internet, and that is limited. I've been pleasantly surprised to actually get one phone call from Kellen and two emails from Glenna.

In the email last night, Glenna wrote the following:
Hello to everyone in WV!  We have been really busy here.  There are so many people here do so many things that it is truly wonderful just to participate in and to watch.  Last night at SCORE Challenge, there weren't enough seats for everyone at the church.  If I had to estimate, I would say there were about 250 of us in the building.  It was an awesome sight!  And, we made a mighty noise when we sang!  We have chosen a picture to share with you before we get home.  Check out the team (minus the photographer, of course)!  The picture was taken after Sunday morning services at a church named Juan 3:16 in San Pedro, about 15 minutes from our hotel.
Following the update she had a quick message from each team member to their families.  One teen wrote:

Dear Mom, Dad, Luke, and Joanna,I’m having an amazing time here. It’s fantastic to see how God is working. The weather is lovely, the food is great, and the children are ADORABLE! Joanna, I’m sorry I missed talking with you last night. I’ll call you from the airport on Saturday. I love and miss you all.Ruth 

Dear Diggity family and Wikman, and Hobbs family,I hope you all are having a great time at Amelia. Our VBS has been a lot fun and the kids here are really special to work with. Tomorrow we are going to Catalina Island for our rec day. While we are having fun in the clear blue waves, I’ll think of you. Please continue to pray for the kids and the work we’ve been doing. I’ll call soon. Love y’all.Sean 

And then there was Kellen:
Nolan,  get out of my bed.Kellen 

Typical. Love that kid!

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