Friday, February 15, 2013

They Like Food Too

There are so many reasons to grow your own food. There are health reasons. There is the satisfaction of providing for yourself. There are economical reasons, but I think at the top of my list is taste! Food you grow yourself just tastes better. Worlds apart from anything you'll get from the grocery store, or a restaurant. Apparently, the kids have caught onto this too.

Lydia (11) had a writing assignment this week. I think the assignment was talk about something you consider a blessing in your life. My girl, she picked food!
Farms and School Food
I live on a farm. Your probably thinking; eww gross. Well sorry, but you're wrong. Farm life is cool. You get to eat so much better food. I mean come on, you like bacon.... right? ( Because if you don't, you are not worthy to live in this world.) The bacon is so much better. Do you know why Jesus created farms? So you can eat. When you eat at school, do you think that's good food? WRONG!!! That food is not good at all! My family hates public school food. ( Its a good thing I don't go to public school, huh?) To me school food tastes like, crap. To me school food is not even food. So there you have it school food is gross. And nobody should have it, in their body. Farms are amazing. There you get the best food.  The food the schools and Wal-marts get are from  factory farms, that is not good at all. You need good food from our farm or other small good farms.        
Not exactly on topic for the assignment, but her paragraph cracked me up. By the way, the extent of her experience with "school food" is 4-H camp. I guess she also, isn't aware of the effort to improve school food through the Farm to School program.

For lunch that same day, we had salad with greens from our low tunnel, boiled eggs, and bacon. Kellen (14,) who has been know to post pictures of things he has cooked on Facebook, took a picture of his lunch. With the following caption, "Behold. A real man's salad. Full of delicious deliciousness. Tremble in fear as you stand in its presence. And yes. That is bacon."

 We are raising young foodies in this house. Guess it is just a by-product of the life we live.


  1. Your kids are on the right track! lol. I went to the Wild Ramp yesterday! I'm thinking of becoming a producer. Sounds interesting!

    1. I think there will be a meeting in March for interested producers. Keep an eye out for it. Do you follow WR on facebook or twitter? It should be announced there! It has been wonderful for us! So, glad you stop for a visit!