Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hillbilly Raincoat

Last week, during one of our unseasonably warm days, before the freezing days moved in, the kids spent the morning playing outside. A heavy rain storm moved in quickly, and Vivian and Kellen found themselves stuck in the chicken house. As the story was told to me, Vivian did not want to go out in the rain. Big brother improvised, as would any good homesteader, and cut a holes in a feed sack for Vivian to wear.

Apparently, she didn't mind getting her head wet, as this solution obviously doesn't not provide head covering. She played in the rain for some time with this get up. It wasn't too long until Nolan was sporting a similar outfit. Then they all played for about an hour in the rain while I enjoyed a quiet (dry) morning inside.

The things these kids come up with. Long time readers may remember another impromptu solution the kids came up with a few years back, Hillbilly Swimming Pool.


  1. Too cute! I've done that before with a garbage bag. Smart boy you have there!

  2. Ohhh, I am CRACKING UP! I love it! You need to make a sign for your son's bedroom door... " McGyver Lives Here! "

    1. Sadly, he would consider that an insult. We tried to watch that once with them, and they all thought it was the cheesiest thing ever.... :(

  3. Love that pic of the kids in the pool, though I thought it was bigger the first time I saw it.